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We give our cars routine checks to make sure they’re running smoothly. It’s important we do the same for ourselves. If driving is important to you, don’t leave your future to chance. Take our 10-question quiz to help determine your driving ability and which skills might need polishing.

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Checking your driving is safe driving

Abilities relating to driving — such as vision, memory, physical strength, reaction time, and flexibility — may decline as we age, but the rate of change varies greatly from person to person.

It’s important to think about your comfort level with driving, and how you could improve skills needed to use a vehicle. Learn how to minimize your risk on the road through physical conditioning, travel planning, and defensive driving.

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Safe Driving Tips

What you need to know about Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle crashes are more deadly than car crashes. Riders need to wear all the gear, all the time. The best protections for riders are helmets (required for all riders in Virginia), gloves, sturdy jackets and pants, protective eyewear, and boots to cover the ankles.

Older drivers need to be extra cautious when riding a motorcycle.

People who are aging need to consider health and physical issues that may add to the safety factors, including: 

  • Strength needed to pick up and hold up a motorcycle becomes an issue
  • More endurance is needed to ride longer distances
  • Impaired night vision limits riding to day hours
  • Arthritis can reduce agility in shifting and steering around obstacles.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet (required in Virginia)
  • Use a lighter weight motorcycle
  • Convert to a three-wheeler
  • Get better seating and sit upright
  • Drive in daytime hours and take breaks
  • Drive in clear weather conditions

Keep the grandkids safe

All children under age eight must be properly restrained in a child safety seat or booster seat under Virginia state law. Also, under law, rear-facing child safety seats must be secured in the back seat and children cannot ride unrestrained in the cargo area.

The safety seat used depends on the age, weight and height of the child. Click here to see the different types of safety seats and which option is best for the child in your life. Once you find a car seat, follow the manufacturer’s directions closely.