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Seniors are the fastest growing population in the United States. By 2030, 25 percent of Virginia’s population will be seniors. Impaired skills associated with aging make it difficult for seniors to avoid automobile accidents, leaving senior drivers with the highest rate of fatal crashes per miles driven, next to teenage drivers.
Healthcare professionals and caregivers that treat senior patients are vital to keeping seniors safe behind the wheel for as long as possible.

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Age can affect a driver’s ability to sense, decide, and act. Knowing that natural changes come with age will allow senior drivers to take actions that enable them to be safe drivers while on the road.

The topic of driving safety can be a difficult one for family members to introduce to their loved ones. Physicians are seen by many as authority figures. Therefore, their opinions and suggestions may be taken more seriously than the concerns of family or friends.

The Virginia GrandDriver Healthcare Professional Toolkit can help you begin the dialog with your patients about the importance of senior driver safety, as well as with key information about:

  • how to recognize the signs that your senior patients’ driving capabilities have changed
  • helpful senior driver safety resources and assessments
  • testing centers and senior driver safety event details and locations
  • the DMV Medical Review Form
  • medical resources such as the American Medical Association’s Physician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers
  • The Alzheimer’s Association’s Driving with Dementia Guide

You can empower your senior patients with the tools they need to stay safe and mobile on the road, by encouraging them to contact Virginia GrandDriver. Virginia GrandDriver will provide them with self-assessment tools, safe driving tips, information on regional driver safety events like CarFit, and access to Virginia GrandTrans (an online source to find public transportation options).

Virginia GrandDriver can also help seniors locate local comprehensive senior driver safety assessment clinics across the state, as well as provide you with senior driver safety assessment specialists that can help you speak with your patients about driving cessation, when necessary.

With more than 15,000 senior driver-related accidents and more than 114 senior driver-related deaths per year on Virginia roads, it is imperative to talk to your patients. Virginia GrandDriver can help you begin this life or death conversation.


Download the Toolkit here: